Lesson Programs Explained

By John Giatropoulos
Last Updated: 09/06/2016

What is a Lesson "Program"

A Lesson Program is a collection of analyses.  Each Lesson Program will analyze specific things in your golf swing. This means that if you wanted to analyze your golf swing from the down the line camera angle, and you are a beginner golfer, you might choose the Fundamentals Down the Line Lesson Program to analyze your swing.

We are creating these programs in order to focus our analysis on particular swing faults that you might have. Let's say you are knocking your drives into the woods on the right side. We might put together a Lesson Program called "Curing a Slice with your Driver".  The program would contain items that typically occur in your swing if you are slicing to the right.

Why not just analyze my entire swing?

We have amassed a TON of analysis over time. If we were to analyze everything in your golf swing, you would be truly be overwhelmed and unsure what each analysis means for your overall golf swing.

If I showed you 3 things to cure your slice, its easier to digest and understand than if I show you 31. Make sense?

So with that said, if you have any issues with your swing that you would like resolved, I would be happy to take a look at creating a program that is specific to that issue.

Send me an email at john@swingbot.com, and go check out the lesson programs.