Submitting a Swing Video

By John Giatropoulos
Last Updated: 06/08/2016

Excellent, so you've decided to upload your swing video to Swingbot and learn more about your golf swing. In this article I'll tell you about recording your swing and submitting it to Swingbot to get a golf lesson.

Camera Angle Is Important

The camera angle that you record your swing is very important. If you don't have the camera centered on the golfer properly (pointing "down" or "up" at you) the perspective can throw off the accuracy of your lesson analysis.

Imagine the person recording holds the camera at arms length in front of their chest. They are effectively holding the camera at the same height as your chest, so the camera will be "higher" than the center of your body (your hips!).

You want to make sure that the person recording, or the stand/tripod you are using, is at the same or approximate height as your hips (or if you split the height of your body in half vertically).

This will provide the least amount of "perspective" to your recording and make for a much more accurate video analysis.


Recording with the Swingbot iPhone or iPad app

If you are using the Swingbot app, simply tap "New Swing" at the bottom of the home screen, and choose the settings that make sense for your video.

  • A "Face On" video is recorded with the camera pointed at your chest, or face. (See Figure 2)
  • A "Down the Line" video is recorded from behind you, pointed down the target line (if you drew a line from the ball to where you are aiming). (See Figure 1)

Down the Line Figure 1. Down the Line Camera Angle

Face On Camera Angle Figure 2. Face On Camera Angle

We have included a countdown timer to delay recording. If you set a countdown and tap the record button, this will allow you to get ready before it begins. It will countdown the number of seconds you select before capturing video.

Keep in mind, the video length is limited to 10 seconds so you should have plenty of time to make a golf swing, but don't waste time or your video will be cut short.

Submitting your Swing

From iPhone/iPad: Once you have your recording, preview your video before you submit to Swingbot. I see tons of videos where the recording begins in the middle of the golfer's swing, and we cannot process the video if this happens. To avoid this, once you record, you must preview the video and use the slider at the bottom of the screen to check your video for completeness.

Once you have verified that the video is recorded properly and has captured your swing from start to finish, tap "Upload".

Next Steps

After you have submitted your swing video to Swingbot we will contact you via email when your lesson is complete.

Now that you know how it works, I recommend checking out the Lesson Programs on and reading the beginner's article A Solid Foundation. This article is targeted at beginner's to the game of golf, and contains some great information on how to get started.

If you have any questions about recording your video or submitting your video for analysis, please contact me at I'm happy to help.