Swing Progress Report

By John Giatropoulos
Last Updated: 09/11/2016

Improving your golf swing takes time. You cannot improve without knowing what issues you have in your swing.

When you get your swing analyzed we will provide a score for each item analyzed. The swing will also get an overall score. We also provide a Progress Report so you can monitor your analysis scores over time.

Let's say you submitted a swing video and got an 80% on your Shoulder Turn analysis. You watch the shoulder turn drill video, read the instructional text and then you get another swing analysis to see if you have improved.

Simple right? Test. Practice. Re-test.

You can see an overview of everything we analyze and quickly determine what to work on. So you only have to concentrate on those items.

If you want to scour the internet at that point for videos that match what you need to work on, go for it. But we do provide a simple drill video explaining your issue. (at least you won't be googling blindly)

Results Driven

Swingbot is all about getting results and tracking progress. We want to become the way you get lessons. A human eye can't monitor your progress over time.

With hundreds of students a month, there is no physical way your local pro will be able to determine if you are improving unless you get a lesson every day and you are his only client. Even if they use video, the human eye will not be able to detect subtle changes in your swing the way Swingbot can.

If you have received a swing analysis from Swingbot, head over to http://www.swingbot.com and check out your progress report. It's a super simple way to track your progress and pinpoint the issues in your swing.

If you are new to Swingbot, you can sign up for an account to get started.