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We provide the technology so you don't have to.

Tournament Sponsorship

Use our technology as a big value-add for your tournament sponsors. Swingbot provides a fully branded experience from email to web.

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Have a shop? Retail Swingbot Lesson Cards right at the point of sale. Its a unique item at a low price point.

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Lead Generation

The real deal. Distribute our lesson cards anywhere you choose. The golfers will redeem and activate their account, and you get the leads. Good leads.

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Free Lessons for leads

Experiential marketing is hot. Golf sponsorship is blazing hot. Combine the two without the heavy cost of hiring professionals to analyze each swing.

  • Record golfers with the Swingbot Event App and each video will be automatically analyzed.
  • Golfers receive a branded email when their video is finished processing.
  • Golfers then fill our a brief activation in order to view their lesson provided "courtesy of Sponsor X"
  • The golfer is then taken to a fully branded webpage showing the results of their analysis complete with images, line annotations, text resolutions, and instructional videos.
  • You get brand awareness for life on the website for that lesson.


A compliment to a bucket of balls.

Request printed cards, and sell them right at the counter. The cards are unique, inexpensive, and who wouldn't want a golf lesson.

  • Cards can be added to different campaigns for tracking.
  • Cards can be loaded with different lesson amounts for higher margins.
  • Cards can be programmed to process a particular lesson program.
  • Cards can be associated with your own brand or a sponsor to continue marketing to the golfer who purchased.
  • Cards are redeemed and the credits are added to the golfer's account.

Marketing / Lead Generation

Great leads for your business

You have a company and want qualified leads. Use Swingbot to your advantage and receive leads by sponsoring events and lesson cards. We can distribute the cards so you get local leads. All you have to do is tell us how many.

You sponsor credits, we provide brand awareness. For life.

  • the campaign/event where the credit was redeemed
  • the brand sponsor associated with the campaign (you!)
  • the results of the golfer's lesson
  • the location of the user
  • any user activation information requested by the brand sponsor (you again!)
  • your branding will remain "tied" to the lesson so anytime the user views their lesson, they'll see your brand.

How It Works

In just a few steps you can begin marketing like nobody's business.

  • Become a Partner

    It's free to join.

    You will be able to use Swingbot technology to provide golf lessons at your events, driving ranges, retail establishment, or however you see fit.

  • Create a Campaign

    Track the lessons you provide.

    A campaign or "event" is just a way to help organize all of your efforts as a partner. These can be tournaments, marketing campaigns, or giveaways.

  • Add a Sponsor

    They'll be glad you did.

    Golf sponsorship is HOT. Over 1.65 BILLION dollars are spent. You can provide a sponsor with a fully branded experience from activation to the user's lesson viewable online (and branded).

  • Add Lesson Credits

    Digital or Printed Cards

    Add credits to your account that you can use in your campaigns, sponsorships, or retail. The credits are all tracked, so you know who redeemed, what campaign, and what brand sponsor "owns" that lesson.

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